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-   Over 30 Years Experience
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Personal Attention On Every Case
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Trusted Attorney in Dallas Texas and Statewide

The Balon B. Bradley Law Firm charges a contingency fee for their services.  The fee is 33 1/3% of all money recovered if the case is settled without filing a lawsuit and 40% of all money recovered if a lawsuit is filed.  Costs of representation will be reimbursed to the law firm in addition to the fees.

The Balon B. Bradley Law Firm has a policy that if a case is settled, we will not take more money in attorneys fees than the client receives, even if we have to reduce fees to make that happen.  The Balon B. Bradley Law Firm believes in fairness to the clients.  If you are discussing your claim with another attorney or law firm, ask him or her if that law firm has the Balon B. Bradley Law Firm fairness of fees policy.

The Balon B. Bradley Law Firm only recovers the fees if we are successful in winning your case.  The Balon B. Bradley Law Firm only accepts cases that we believe are meritorious and that we will win.  If for some reason we are not successful, you will not owe us a penny.




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